Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring School Pictures

Spring is trying to make it's way here.

We are all so ready for some nice weather.

The girls start soccer this weekend and they are excited about that.

We had one warm day last week and Molly wanted to go buy a pool tat day. They are looking forward to the pool we plan to get. I just hope I can learn to keep the water clean.

I have uploaded spring school pictures with this post.

They turned out really good.

Molly looks to be 10 years old!!

But she is only 6. Oh, how I'd love for them to stay this age for a long time.

Lindy is also growing so fast. She is nearly wearing the same size as her sister now. But is still an inch or so shorter. They got to pick out their favorite pose for these pictures. The photographer took their picture together too. They love each other so much. It's hard to believe that their kindergarten year is winding down. Time is just whizzing by. Even faster now that I am working 4+ hours everyday. I have now been at my new job Ice Cream Eddies for about 2 months and I love it. I like my hours, my bosses and those I work with. All is good. Well, I don't much care when there is a huge line waiting for food, but still I like it. And the food & ice cream I get to sample ain't bad either! I smile every time I am out somewhere with the girls and we have ice cream. Molly & Lindy like it but... "it ain't as good as yours momma"