Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fair Time

We love going out to the 4-H fair every year to check out the animals. They enjoy the rabbits & looking for eggs in the chicken coops

This is our nephew, Luke, washing his pigs before the auction.

Cows are still pretty intimidating for the girls. (and momma too). But Molly is willing to pet them anyway.

But, the pigs seemed to be the favorite this year.

What color of pig do you like best, I asked.
Molly said "the pink ones"

We went through each barn and watched a water balloon toss before heading home. A few blocks down the road I knew one of us had something other than mud on our shoes. Sure enough, Lindy had about 20 pounds of poop on the boot! Yucky!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will Work For Food!

Have I mentioned how much Lindy loves corn? I worked last week and put 6 dozen ears up for the freezer and she was so very helpful with the task.

So when I bought more this week for my parents, she was an ole pro! She worked so hard she didn't know she'd cut her finger on the shucks.

Molly liked being the pack horse. Papaw shucking the corn and she brought it in for me to cut from the cob. They both really like to help out with the chores. Well, most of the time anyway!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days Of Summer!

Here's a few random picture from here and there. The summer is passing fast. Soon it will be time to get out the backpacks and set the alarm clock!

I had made this quilt top sometime ago. My sister needed a quilt for her new king bed, so I gave it to her.

I made the backing for the quilt as well. She took it to her friend for the quilting. My mom is hand sewing the binding on. I think it turned out nice.

Hop scotch anyone?

Picnic lunch at Beall Woods.

Ready for a bike ride?

Card game.... Old Maid is a favorite.

Funny how mom always ends up with the old maid! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zoo Day

The girls and I decided to go to the Zoo . The weather has been unseasonably cool for July (in the low 80's). So I thought we'd take advantage of the great temperatures. They were so very excited about going and I have to say, so was I.

Here they are standing in front of growing bamboo. It was everywhere. I told them that it also grows in China.

I remember this boat from when I was a little girl. Only difference is now it is a kid boat ride. When I was little this was the Monkey Boat. Hundreds of little monkeys (it seemed like that many) lives on this boat. They jumped and swung all over the thing.

The girls were so good. They walked, without much complaint, for our almost 4 hour visit. They really liked riding these boats.

We eventually found the giraffes. Lindy says...... "Mom, it goes like this"

This was mommies favorite stop of the day.

Lindy in the flower garden area.

Molly was loving all the flowers as well. I think she smelled every flower in the zoo!

Even though it didn't get too warm, the girls enjoyed the "human waterer".

How does it fell to be a prairie dog?

I love Lilly pads. Especially with my two little beauties sitting in front of them.

They really enjoyed the rain forest area.

Molly was disappointed that there was no elephant to see. Lindy liked the hippo. They ended the day in the gift shop. Mamaw had given them money. They each picked out a new stuffed animal to take home.

We then went to the big Mc*onald's for a late lunch. They loved playing in the huge play area.

It was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FTIA Reunion Picnic

Every year our adoption agency hosts a big picnic in Noblesville IN for all families who have adopted or want to adopt. This was Dave & I's 6th year. We went two times before traveling to China in 2006.
We traveled up on Friday and stayed in a hotel. The girls love doing this. Of course they loved the pool too.

Can you guess what daddy ordered for supper?

Molly & Lindy thought it was the coolest thing to pull a bed right out of the couch! Even cooler that they had a TV by their bed.

The next morning we headed to the park. There were games and face painting.

But mostly they enjoyed the playground.
Here they are with their newest friends Olivia & Ellie.

They loved the spin seats the most.

We were glad to see Isabella again this year.

This park is so pretty. Lots of trees.

We were able to see 3 other travel families this year. The kids are changing so much every year.

Top: Mei Lyn, Natalie & Molly
Bottom: Lindy, Kara & Janelle

The weather was fantastic this year. It was so cool that the girls wore crop pants and jackets. Sure made the day more enjoyable for the adults too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Another Day


But check out the new goggles!

They really work under the water.

Sassy pants!

Daniel is still a kid too!

Thanks for entertaining them Dan! Love ya!

Aunt Donna can still french braid.
(Lindy thought she was all that too)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Swim In The Lake

Mesa Lake, a private lake, is about 10 miles from our house. The girls were invited to a swim party for Adam's birthday. Adam's parents are good friends of ours.
That morning when I told Molly & Lindy they were going to a party and getting to swim in a lake they were super excited. Molly asked if they could take their rings. When I said yes, they were outside getting them ready. Suddenly Lindy appeared at the door with this sorta wide eyes look. "What is it Lindy" I asked. Her question was, "is there alligators in that lake?" I smiled and told her no, so away she ran telling Molly there weren't alligators in that lake!

When we got there the girls were a little afraid of getting in.

But it didn't take too long. Especially when the other kids started jumping in.

The water right by they boat dock was about 2.5 feet deep. It was murky and kinds grassy and rocky on the bottom.

They were enjoying themselves.

It was a great day for a party. There were lots of boats out on the water and the weather was perfect. It's so pretty out there.

Then it was time for games.

Pinata time!

The kids love pinatas!

If you can hear... they are screaming "CANDY"

Adam, the birthday boy.
His favorite game/movie right now is "Up".
Happy Birthday Adam!