Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days Of Summer!

Here's a few random picture from here and there. The summer is passing fast. Soon it will be time to get out the backpacks and set the alarm clock!

I had made this quilt top sometime ago. My sister needed a quilt for her new king bed, so I gave it to her.

I made the backing for the quilt as well. She took it to her friend for the quilting. My mom is hand sewing the binding on. I think it turned out nice.

Hop scotch anyone?

Picnic lunch at Beall Woods.

Ready for a bike ride?

Card game.... Old Maid is a favorite.

Funny how mom always ends up with the old maid! :)


Anonymous said...

gorgeous quilt...I love the colors!

Chasity said...

You have so many wonderful talents. Beautiful, that you use God's gifts given to you. The quilts are amazing.