Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holiday World 2009

While Daddy was on vacation we took one day and went to Holiday World. The weather was perfect for mommy. Barely over 80* and some clouds. It was even too cool for the water park. Molly was pretty disappointed but had lots of fun nevertheless.

The first person we saw was ole Santa himself.

Their ride for the day! If only they made them for adults :)

We enjoyed several rides this year. The girls were big enough for a few bigger rides. But mommy's tummy had to rest between. (Next year I'll take some Dramamine)

Lindy & Molly both loved the sprinkle park in Holidog town.

Why do kids always do this?

Love the big dog.

Had to climb to get to the slides.

Watching the live show!

His biggest fans!

Rides, rides , rides!

More rides.

Always the last photo of the day.
We had a good time. But I've got to say, momma was beat! But I love watching my kids and seeing their smiling faces. It makes the effort all worth the pain!


Anonymous said...

Happy to see your blog entries again! You do a great job with the photos. Loooks like you are having a great summer. Hope to see you this Saturday! ;)

Chasity said...

What a fun day it was. I love the adorable swim suits the girls have on. They are to cute!