Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fair Time

We love going out to the 4-H fair every year to check out the animals. They enjoy the rabbits & looking for eggs in the chicken coops

This is our nephew, Luke, washing his pigs before the auction.

Cows are still pretty intimidating for the girls. (and momma too). But Molly is willing to pet them anyway.

But, the pigs seemed to be the favorite this year.

What color of pig do you like best, I asked.
Molly said "the pink ones"

We went through each barn and watched a water balloon toss before heading home. A few blocks down the road I knew one of us had something other than mud on our shoes. Sure enough, Lindy had about 20 pounds of poop on the boot! Yucky!


Chasity said...

Adorable pictures, Trayjan has always loved the goats. This year will be Jie's 1st Fair visit at the State Fair. We are so excited to see her reaction. Your girls look very brave to pet all of the fabulous animals.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Too Cute!