Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Yes, I know I'm slackin' big time. Not as much time at the computer in the summer! Molly & Lindy stay up much later and we are outdoors a lot. It really cuts in to the bloggin'! I've been working on some posts, so check back soon for more.
But for now, here's a few random things......

A few days ago the news was full of some protests taking place in western China. David & I were talking about them and Molly adds to the conversation.... "I hope my nannies who took care of me in China are okay". We talk regularly about their lives in China and we have books that also talk of nannies in the orphanages. We assured her that they were fine and she was happy.

A few days ago Lindy came to me with one of her stuffed animals. It had a hole in it. I told her that I would sew it up and make it like new. So, I got out a needle & thread and while I was mending the critter she stood right there, petting the bear saying... "it's okay baby, mommy's here"! Now, let me tell you, it was hard sitting there trying not to giggle. It was the cutest thing EVER!

This is "Bubba", aka Colin, the girls' cousin. He stayed the night with us a while ago. They really enjoyed his visit. We went swimming at the city pool.

And here they are at the VBS closing celebration at St Sebastian Church.

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