Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zoo Day

The girls and I decided to go to the Zoo . The weather has been unseasonably cool for July (in the low 80's). So I thought we'd take advantage of the great temperatures. They were so very excited about going and I have to say, so was I.

Here they are standing in front of growing bamboo. It was everywhere. I told them that it also grows in China.

I remember this boat from when I was a little girl. Only difference is now it is a kid boat ride. When I was little this was the Monkey Boat. Hundreds of little monkeys (it seemed like that many) lives on this boat. They jumped and swung all over the thing.

The girls were so good. They walked, without much complaint, for our almost 4 hour visit. They really liked riding these boats.

We eventually found the giraffes. Lindy says...... "Mom, it goes like this"

This was mommies favorite stop of the day.

Lindy in the flower garden area.

Molly was loving all the flowers as well. I think she smelled every flower in the zoo!

Even though it didn't get too warm, the girls enjoyed the "human waterer".

How does it fell to be a prairie dog?

I love Lilly pads. Especially with my two little beauties sitting in front of them.

They really enjoyed the rain forest area.

Molly was disappointed that there was no elephant to see. Lindy liked the hippo. They ended the day in the gift shop. Mamaw had given them money. They each picked out a new stuffed animal to take home.

We then went to the big Mc*onald's for a late lunch. They loved playing in the huge play area.

It was a wonderful day.


Chasity said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous, your zoo looks like the most wonderful time. We need to make a trip over and visit. We are trying to figure out somewhere close to go for Fall Break.

The girls look beautiful in the flowers.

Tana Sue Hargett said...

That monkey boat looks the same just without the monkeys. That is the 1 thing that I remember the most about the zoo when I was a kid. The girls looked like they have fun. Glad the weather was awesome for you guys.