Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Classes

Molly began some art classes

this month. She loves and

her teacher Callie.

Wall art.

(Styrofoam cut outs)

Too cute!


(using primary & secondary colors)

Ok, this isn't anything about art
but had to show you how cute they are!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Parties

This is the first year since Molly & Lindy have been going to school that one or the other hasn't been sick. Since their birthdays are only 3 days apart and they are in the same class room I only take treats in once. This year it happened to be on Lindy's birthday.

(Next year it will be Molly's turn)

Treats for the day were dirt cups complete with gummy worms.

The kids in the class room love having parties.

Mamaw even came to enjoy the day.

(she's sitting in the back ground)

Party #2 was on Saturday the 21st.

They invited all their freinds & family

to the skating rink.

Lindy had a blast.

Molly too.

The highlight for the kids was when Mrs. Mobley,

their teacher stopped by. Here is one of her kiddos.

Each year I take time to thank the two

women in China who choose life.

I will be ever so grateful they did.

And I also thank God for

blessing us to be these two

sweet girls parents.

If it weren't for those two ladies and

God guiding us to adoption at the right moment

in time....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Molly Is 7!!!!!

Today was Molly's 7th birthday.

She requested spaghetti for supper.

She also got to be the teacher at school.

(she earned it through ar reading)

Molly facts:

she is 47.5" tall.

weights 43 pounds.

(don't know why, she eats like a horse)

She LOVES to read and

anything art/crafty.

She gets nearly straight A's

and loves doing school work.

Her favorite thing to do is

draw and create artwork.

She takes art & piano lessons.

Enjoys soccer and basketball.

She is a big help to her sister

with school work. If

you ask her Lindy is

her best friend.

Soon we will celebrate 6 years

with Molly in our family.

The time is flying so fast.


Lindy Ann is 7!!!!!

Lindy celebrated her 7th birthday

on Jan 20.

She requested Subway for supper.

(yes she ate the whole sandwich)

I can't believe how far this little one

has come in the 4 years

she has been with us.

Some Lindy facts are:

she is 45.25" tall

weights 50 pounds

Loves horses and

being outside.

Even though she gets very good

marks at school she prefers

watching tv to studying.

She is taking dance and

piano lessons.

Enjoys soccer and basketball.

She has lost 7 teeth so far.

She is a complete delight to

have around. Always cracking

a joke on someone and has the

biggest laugh ever.

And best of all she is Molly's

best friend.

We are very blessed.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve Mass was pretty full, so the

girls sat in the pew in fornt of us.

They are getting so big now and follow

the music and reading in the book so well.

It is the fist time in many years that all the
grandkids and great grandkids
were all together
for Christmas.

17 big kids

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Piano Recital

The girls have been taking piano lessons since July 2010.

The teacher, Alison Dudley, had some of her

students show off their talents at a

Christmas recital on

December 11, 2010

Molly And Lindy did very well
and they were the
prettiest there too. *wink*

Molly was a little nerves, but she did great.
She's not one for getting up in front of others.

Lindy did wonderful as well.

She tries to be bashful, but truthfully I think

she loves performing.

We were very proud of them.

There was a good crowd in attendance.

Molly & Lindy's fans were

mom & dad,

mamaw & papaw,

grandma & aunt Lynn,

aunt Donna & Colin.

Aunt Donna even presented them with flowers.