Monday, January 23, 2012

Molly Is 7!!!!!

Today was Molly's 7th birthday.

She requested spaghetti for supper.

She also got to be the teacher at school.

(she earned it through ar reading)

Molly facts:

she is 47.5" tall.

weights 43 pounds.

(don't know why, she eats like a horse)

She LOVES to read and

anything art/crafty.

She gets nearly straight A's

and loves doing school work.

Her favorite thing to do is

draw and create artwork.

She takes art & piano lessons.

Enjoys soccer and basketball.

She is a big help to her sister

with school work. If

you ask her Lindy is

her best friend.

Soon we will celebrate 6 years

with Molly in our family.

The time is flying so fast.


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