Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Parties

This is the first year since Molly & Lindy have been going to school that one or the other hasn't been sick. Since their birthdays are only 3 days apart and they are in the same class room I only take treats in once. This year it happened to be on Lindy's birthday.

(Next year it will be Molly's turn)

Treats for the day were dirt cups complete with gummy worms.

The kids in the class room love having parties.

Mamaw even came to enjoy the day.

(she's sitting in the back ground)

Party #2 was on Saturday the 21st.

They invited all their freinds & family

to the skating rink.

Lindy had a blast.

Molly too.

The highlight for the kids was when Mrs. Mobley,

their teacher stopped by. Here is one of her kiddos.

Each year I take time to thank the two

women in China who choose life.

I will be ever so grateful they did.

And I also thank God for

blessing us to be these two

sweet girls parents.

If it weren't for those two ladies and

God guiding us to adoption at the right moment

in time....

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