Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

This is what I saw today when I stuck my head out the back door.

Looking down through the motor!

She's a worker! She actually tightened the bolts!

When Lindy starts a task she works until it's done. Wonder when she will change and I'll have to force her to do chores!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Splash Park

Today, after lunch I took the girls to the splash park in Princeton.
They had a blast, even tho there weren't too many people there. We spent nearly an hour there before it shut off for the day.

Molly really played today. More than I've seen her in the past. Usually she just runs around the outside of the sprays. But today she was running through them.

Lindy practiced holding her breath.

It's not a huge park. But they kids loved all the different ways the water squirted. And better yet, it is free to the public.

Lots of squealing and screams of delight.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Molly & Lindy have started gymnastics. This was their second week. There are 8 little ones in this class. The girls love it!! Molly was skeptical last week (the first time), but found out real quick that it was fun. We signed up for classes in Grayville were my parents live. That way we can visit them and then we can go watch the girls together. Mom & dad both went last week. It kept me busy watching them and the girls! :) This week Aunt Donna came to see. It is good for the heart to see your kids so happy and enjoying themselves so much. Once again, a big thank you to Mamaw & Papaw. If it weren't for them, the girls would not get to experience the extras that life has to offer. We are very appreciative of them and

love you very much!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chucky Cheese

Last week we met our friends Laney & Maggie at Chucky Cheese. The girls had not been before but were excited about it. (they had seen it on TV).

They saw Chucky himself right away.
(I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures. I can't wait to get a new camera)

They didn't know what to do first!

Maggie & Laney

This is a little ride that made them feel like they were riding a roller coaster! I think Molly used 20 tokens on this ride.

They loved getting game tickets.
We had a great time. We will go back soon. The girls didn't want to take time to eat pizza. We saved our tickets and will use them next time. It was a very fun day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some More This & That

Here is my latest wedding cake.

Molly thinks you are suppose to make a wish before blowing the seeds off the dandelion.

Now this is not what you think!!! Ever heard of Mona-vie? It's a juice made of berries (the acai berry) from all over the world. VERY good for you. It does look like a wine bottle tho! Our girls call it "good juice". To find out more about it email me or check it out here.

Ready for bed with their babies.

The bell of the ball!

These are the most precious girls in the world. I am so lucky to be their momma!
Where has the summer gone? School starts this week. My babies will start their last year of pre-K! I think they are ready, but I'm not sure mommy is.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Bound 2009

Pre-K 2009

Monday, August 17. "Meet your teacher day" and take in your school supplies.

Tuesday, August 18th.
Today is "meet & greet" day. The girls had to go for 2 hours.
It was a bitter sweet day for mommy. Today is the first day of their last year of Pre-K! I want them to go to school, but I don't want them to grow up!

They were up before the alarm and excited to go.

Daddy took them in the bike trailer. They love to go in it. But they are growing so fast. I'm afraid that soon they will be too big.

Daddy returned home with a heavy heart. He explained that when they got there and were getting out of the trailer that Molly said.... "Daddy, you don't have to give me a kiss or hug, because I'm bigger now". Talk about break your daddy's heart! But he said that once inside that she quickly changed her mind! Which made daddy happy again.

Summertime Treat

We love snow cones!!

Lindy's favorite this year was "waynebow"

They always taste test each others.

No, Molly's is not just ice! She got coconut this time. She switches from it to strawberry.

Lindy has to get every drop of hers and Molly's!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun With Friends

Long time friends, Tom & Becky asked us over to swim. Their daughter , Lily, is one year older than our girls and also from China.

They have a great pool and as you can see Lindy is not afraid.

Molly, Lily & Lindy

I bet the girls (& dads) swam 3 hours.

Had to get out for a push-up!!

Tom grilled hot dogs and we stayed for supper. They girls had a blast playing. Especially dress up!

One last swing before we had to go.
We had a good time. It is so fun watching the girls play.
Thanks, Tom & Becky, for the invitation.

Friday, August 14, 2009


These girls could ride the golf cart at mamaw & papaw's all day.
Colin is their chauffeur.

This old bell was given to my dad. It has been in his family for many years. He cleaned it up, painted it and made this pole. It really looks nice. The kids like to ring it every time they pass by it. And it is loud!

An afternoon of fun at the mall.

Just because...

aren't they so darned cute!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ag Days

Ag Days 2009

By the end of the night the girls could get the tubs spinning!

First year for the dragon.
I think they rode it 20 times!!

Kendall rode the scrambler with them.

They couldn't wait to try the slide. ( I waited until daddy got there). Of course they did fine. They were able to carry their own sack and everything. Molly went down once and said it was a little too fast for her. But dare devil Lindy was up for more and more and more!!

We had decided that we were only going to go one night this year. I chose Thursday, hoping it wouldn't be as crowed. The girls and I went got uptown around 4:30. They were so excited! I got them each an armband (thanks again grandparents) and away they went. I wish I had tried to count how many rides they rode! Daddy came after he got up and we ate a hamburger. But soon we were riding again. Daddy left us there to go to work. They girls finally rode their last ride at about 10:20 PM!

I had a blast just watching them. And the weather was perfect. But my dogs were barking!!
Great time.


Look who made the front page of the city paper! Lindy was quite smitten with herself!