Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ag Days

Ag Days 2009

By the end of the night the girls could get the tubs spinning!

First year for the dragon.
I think they rode it 20 times!!

Kendall rode the scrambler with them.

They couldn't wait to try the slide. ( I waited until daddy got there). Of course they did fine. They were able to carry their own sack and everything. Molly went down once and said it was a little too fast for her. But dare devil Lindy was up for more and more and more!!

We had decided that we were only going to go one night this year. I chose Thursday, hoping it wouldn't be as crowed. The girls and I went got uptown around 4:30. They were so excited! I got them each an armband (thanks again grandparents) and away they went. I wish I had tried to count how many rides they rode! Daddy came after he got up and we ate a hamburger. But soon we were riding again. Daddy left us there to go to work. They girls finally rode their last ride at about 10:20 PM!

I had a blast just watching them. And the weather was perfect. But my dogs were barking!!
Great time.


Look who made the front page of the city paper! Lindy was quite smitten with herself!

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