Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Tooth Fairy Visit

Lindy has had a loose tooth for quite some time. She has been wiggling it herself. I noticed that the permanate tooth was coming in behind it so it didn't take long before...

Mom, my tooth fell out!!
(she was eating a powdered donut)

see that tooth coming in

she was so worried about the "bud" on the tooth

So, it's finally bedtime. The tooth is neatly wrapped in a tissue and placed in a bag.
This is after we had to scrub the "bud" off the tooth.

tucking it under her pillow

I'm going to sleep now...
She is hoping the TF brings her a "shiny coin"

So, the next morning she finds the tooth and tissue is gone. But in the bag is a
"one and a one ($2) and a shiny coin"
Now she was worried about the tissue.
"why did she take the tissue momma?"
To which Molly answered...
"maybe the TF needed to blow her nose"
I thought that was a good answer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fancy Nails

It has been a slow July around here. Even though the time is flying by it seems we haven't done much this month. It has been unbearably hot so we have been inside most of the time. We've been to a few pool parties and to a movie, but other than that it's been pretty boring around here.... NOT!! Never boring with these to!

Check out the press on nails the girls had.

Lindy loved them! She pranced around like a queen.

Molly liked them too. Of course they looked even better with there "diamond" rings momma got them.

Quite the movie star, huh.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

We had a family dinner to celebrate Dee's birthday.
Those who could gathered at the Trace Inn at Red Hill State Park
on Saturday July 3rd.
After our meal we went to Kate & Josh's house for dessert.


John, Hunter & Faith with their Grandma

The Fuller Family
(David's sister)
John, Hunter, Ellen, Faith & Mike

Cindy (David's sister) & Tricia

The new party girl- Hadlie

Hallie, Faith, Molly, Lindy & Grandma

Hunter Wade

Happy girl Hadlie

Hadlie meets her Aunt Ellen

Friday, July 9, 2010

Holiday World 2010

We had sorta decided that we were not going to HW this year. But when I won 2 tickets from the local radio station we changed our minds. The weather has been so hot that I was dreading it very much. But on the day we had planned to go mother nature gave us (old folks) a break. The temps were in the upper 80's. Yay!
My nephews tagged along with a few buddies. It was a long day but we had a great time. This year we spent a lot of time in the water park.

Daniel, Lindy, Colton, Molly, Jamen & Colin

I didn't get to many pictures this year because we were in the water so much.
Again this year the kids loved the Turkey Whirl!!
Let me just say that the Turkey Whirl doesn't like mom & dad!!
We just have to close our eyes and say wheeeee!!!
Another year of fun!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Picking Blueberries

Okay, so picking blueberries on one of the hottest days of the weeks was not Molly & Lindy's idea of fun. But with a promise of going to the splash park after we headed out to the patch. They did a great job for about a half hour. We were able to pick about 2 gallons.

A few days later their Aunt Donna came to go blueberry picking. The girls decided to stay home with their daddy! Not for them I guess!!
And they are yummy by the way!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Swimming With Friends

The girls were invited to a swim party about a week ago.
The party hosted by Carol was at our friends Andrea & Dwayne's home.
They have a awesome pool.
The kids spend a couple of hours splashing around.
Several of their Asian friends were there.

Lily & Sophie


Lucy & her friend


Faith & Molly

Lei Lei




Thank you very much Carol, Andrea & Dwayne.