Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Tooth Fairy Visit

Lindy has had a loose tooth for quite some time. She has been wiggling it herself. I noticed that the permanate tooth was coming in behind it so it didn't take long before...

Mom, my tooth fell out!!
(she was eating a powdered donut)

see that tooth coming in

she was so worried about the "bud" on the tooth

So, it's finally bedtime. The tooth is neatly wrapped in a tissue and placed in a bag.
This is after we had to scrub the "bud" off the tooth.

tucking it under her pillow

I'm going to sleep now...
She is hoping the TF brings her a "shiny coin"

So, the next morning she finds the tooth and tissue is gone. But in the bag is a
"one and a one ($2) and a shiny coin"
Now she was worried about the tissue.
"why did she take the tissue momma?"
To which Molly answered...
"maybe the TF needed to blow her nose"
I thought that was a good answer.

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Anonymous said...

visit from the tooth fairy means the girls are really growing up. Are they excited about Kindergarten now?

Denise M.