Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Doctors Appointments

Molly & Lindy's yearly check ups were a few weeks ago. At 4 and a half the girls are doing very well. They need to have booster shots tho! (don't tell them)
Molly is 42 1/2" tall and weighs 36 pounds. She is tall and skinny, no hips! I often wonder how is is going to hold up her britches when she is older. I guess we will have lots of belts in her closet.
Lindy has really grown since she became part of our family. She is catching up to her YOUNGER sister quickly. She tipped the scales at 35 pounds! She is our little pork chop. Not fat, just right with a little tushie! She is up to about 40" tall now.
This year I decided to have the girls tested for allergies. I decided to do this really because we were told that Lindy had had a reaction to penicillin from the orphanage staff. So our pediatrician hooked us up with a great specialist. It is taking about three trips to complete Lindy's testing.

Her she is getting the "needle" test. She did not like this and cried some crock tears. Poor baby. Momma had to love on her quite a bit!

Checking the pressure.

Here's Molly. They each got 60.....
yeah I said 60!,
skin pricks. But I was surprised that they didn't even flinch. We were sent to the play area to wait for any reactions.

It wasn't long that Molly started whining and sure enough her arms were showing reactions. This poor girl is allergic to just about everything! I bet she only had 6 or 7 places that WERE NOT swelled!
"NO cats!" said the doc! (I kinda already wondered about cats) and he recommended that we not have a house dog either. She is pretty allergic to trees, grass, dust and mold. Just to name a couple!! I am thankful she isn't allergic to any foods tho! So far she doesn't show severe signs, so we are to treat as needed.

Lindy on the other hand is not showing that she is allergic to anything so far. Not even penicillin. Thank goodness. But we have one more round of testing at the end of the month.

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Denise Macler said...

Hi Sherry.
We'll miss your family on Saturday. Allergy testing is NOT fun. Janelle went through a little of that a few years ago. Allergic to anything outside and that explains her eczema/itchy skin. She takes Zyrtec everyday and does really well on it. You can tell when she doesn't take it (itches and sneezes). Sigh. I agree...food allergies would be the worst (luckily none here so far). Hope you are doing well. Girls are getting so big. Sigh.
Take care,