Monday, January 23, 2012

Lindy Ann is 7!!!!!

Lindy celebrated her 7th birthday

on Jan 20.

She requested Subway for supper.

(yes she ate the whole sandwich)

I can't believe how far this little one

has come in the 4 years

she has been with us.

Some Lindy facts are:

she is 45.25" tall

weights 50 pounds

Loves horses and

being outside.

Even though she gets very good

marks at school she prefers

watching tv to studying.

She is taking dance and

piano lessons.

Enjoys soccer and basketball.

She has lost 7 teeth so far.

She is a complete delight to

have around. Always cracking

a joke on someone and has the

biggest laugh ever.

And best of all she is Molly's

best friend.

We are very blessed.


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