Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chinese Tea Party

Last weekend we went to a Chinese Tea Party at a state park. It was a beautiful day and the girls had a lot of fun.

Mamaw went with us.

Watching the entertainment. There were some local children singing Chinese songs.

There were several activities they got to do. Here they are coloring and making Chinese lanterns.

Each kids got to decorate a Chinese tea cup to bring home.

Lindy is coloring chopsticks.

They also took each child's photo.

Along with the activities and entertainment we also watched a "master" tea maker. It was fun to watch him make the tea and explain the different kinds of tea. Lindy tried the green tea. She made a face and covered her mouth and said "yuck". Molly wouldn't touch it. They also had Chinese desserts for the kids.
It was a fun filled day.


Denise Macler said... do a lot of Chinese culture events with your girls! Looks like fun. I can't believe how long their hair is now.

Have a great day (weather is awesome here)


Chasity said...

I adore all your do with your children to celebrate their culture. It truly inspires me to do more for Jie. The tea cups are an adorable idea. I bet they both loved it.

What a great mommy you are!