Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Summer So Far

New pool.

Lots of swimming.

and stunts!

(ear infections have stalled the swimming this week)

Cheer leading clinic

a vacation

(more on that later)

First time sleeping in bunk beds

lots of dress up play
and concerts

our 19th wedding anniversary party

(complete with paper veil, hat and bow tie and wedding rings)

Had a big tree cut down in our yard

Molly had her first ER visit.

She crashed into another kid and her glasses cut her cheek.

They cleaned it and glued it up.

Her glasses were not harmed!

So that's it so far.

But summer isn't over yet.

1 comment:

Denise Macler said...

Sounds/looks like a great summer (minus the ER visit and tree to be cut down). Girls are getting so big. Congrats on the new job...what great deserve to be home with your sweet glad to hear the news. Hope to see you sometime.