Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lindy Turns 5!!!

Happy 5th Birthday

Lindy Ann!

(I just noticed the date is wrong on these pics)

It's hard to believe this girl is 5 today. She has grown so much in the time she has been in our family. I remember the quiet little girl with a crooked grin who followed her sister around everywhere.

But now....

She has a bold voice and strong laugh. She has a mind of her own although she still wants to do everything Molly does. She loves to swim and watch movies. And she is a big helper to her momma and daddy. She loves being outdoors and riding her bike.

We are so very proud of her. She makes our lives so complete and we wonder often what we would ever do without her.

Today she celebrated her big day with her friends at pre-school. We took treats for the class and this coming Saturday we will have a big party at the skating rink with family and friends. She is very excited.

I often think about the woman in China who chose life for her little baby. Then having to make the hard decision of placing that baby at the steps of a hospital the day she gave birth. My heart aches for her. I pray that she somehow knows that her little one found a family that loves her immensely. I thank you GOD, for it was all in your plan. A wonderful plan!

We Love You Lindy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lindy! Hope you are all feeling better. :)

Denise M