Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Day

Boy what a day.
And it ain't over yet!

The girls had a great weekend. They went to 3 (yeah THREE) birthday parties.
Here is birthday boy Christian.
He had a skating party. Lindy spent quite a bit of time on the floor.

Molly was skating all over. They had a great time.

Next we attended a glamorous affair.
Princess Maci turned 4.
Molly & Lindy wore their fairy costumes.
They got to do crafts and make-up!! Fun Fun!
The third party was another skate party. I didn't get any photos from it. But they had a blast at Ally & Addy's party.
Now back to our day!
It actually began at 11PM last night. Molly emptied her stomach and hollow leg on her bed. That took me an hour to clean up. Started doing laundry right then. But thought my washer was acting up. Had to let the smelly sheets lay there! YUCK. (thankfully the washer is fine)

She did not sleep well so neither did I. I finally shut the light out at 3:30. But Molly girl was up several times. We rocked in the chair, ate a cracker, rocked some more. We were up for the day at 7:30.

She is feeling better. Slowly eating here and there. Thank goodness. So this momma is looking forward to bedtime tonight.
will it be Lindy's turn?

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