Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gotcha Day 4 Years Ago

Four years ago on Feb 5th 2006 we boarded a big jet in Beijing and flew it Guangzhou China. The weather was tropical in Guangzhou, it was nice. We arrived at the White Swan Hotel and waited for our room. We only had about 40 minutes before we had to get back on the bus to go to the Civil Affairs office to receive the babies. We waited and I started to panic as the time was dwindling down. Finally we rushed to our room with about 15 minutes to prepare our diaper bag and gifts to take with us.
We were last to get to the bus! But we were on our way. It took about 30 minutes as I recall and everyone was so excited! We were all lead to a room where it seemed like we waited forever. Finally it was time for the babies to enter one at a time. And guess who was first!

Yes, Molly was first. She was held by a young man, was not crying and seemed bright curious to what was going on. Dave took her from the man and she still didn't cry. (thank you Jesus) Soon it was my turn to feel her in my arms. She was heavily dressed, even though it was 80* outside and it felt like 100 in that room. She was sweaty just like her mommy.

After we talked business with the orphanage staff that brought her we were able to really take a look at her. I took off her jacket and we gave her a little rattle, which she grabbed. David was able to get a laugh out of her right away, (again, thank you Jesus)

Soon we were all lead to the waiting bus with our babies on our hips. I couldn't tell you much about the ride back to the hotel because we didn't take my eyes off her the whole trip. Our first night was amazing. She didn't cry until it was time to change her. And of course it took this first time mommy 3 tries to get the first bottle right. She liked it so hot that sweat beaded on her forehead! yikes!

The next morning we headed back to the Civil Affairs office to make the adoption legal on the China side of things. So on Feb 6 she officially became Molly Nichol.

This photo was taken that afternoon. If she could have talked then I believe she would have
said "I'm a happy girl"!

This girl has grown so much in these past 4 years. I am amazed by her every day. She is sweet and kind and loves her sister very much. She is learning at remarkable speed, loves to color and draw. Right now her favorite animal is a pig, because it is pink (also her favorite).

We celebrated Gotcha day with a trip to Evansville. We went to Gattitown for pizza and games. The girls had a blast.

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