Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Chinese New Year
The Year Of The Tiger

Today we begin the celebration of Chinese New Year 2010. The above pictures are of a card we received from Molly's orphanage this year. We were thrilled to receive it.

The traditional Chinese lunar year falls on the first day of the first lunar month, following the winter solstice. Each year on the ancient Chinese calendar is a designated as the year of an animal. Chinese New Year celebrations occur until the Chinese Lantern Festival held 15 days after the new year begins. 2010 is the year of the tiger.

We were in China during some of the CNY celebrations in 2006. It was awesome to witness. Firecrackers galore, lanterns everywhere and so many good luck symbols around.

And today in America we also celebrate
Valentine's Day.
(the Chinese call it Lovers Day)

Lindy showing her card and box of candy.

Molly likes her pink heart shaped box too.

Happy Valentine's Day
to our two

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