Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mom's Debut

I am a member of the
Homespun Quilt Club
here in Wabash County. For
the last month our club has had a quilt
show at the local college. I entered
two of my quilts that my mom made.

This quilt she made for me back in 1982.
She hand pieced and hand quilted it all herself.
She calls it the bow tie pattern, but in all
honesty I think it would really be called the spool pattern.
But whatever it is, it is beautiful!

I also entered this quilt affectionately
called "The Sweethearts".
Although she anticipated retirement, she
worried about being bored. I suggested
she get back into quilting.
when I was young I remember her doing a lot of quilting
She wasn't sure she wanted to.
My dad's sister gave my mom a set of embroidery blocks
and the rest is history.
The Sweethearts was her first "retirement" quilt.
She lovingly made it especially for her granddaughters.
It looks so pretty on the girl's bed.

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Anonymous said...

I see where you get your talents now! Those quilts are beautiful.
Denise M