Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Chair

See this? One might think it is a rocking chair... but look again. It is actually a bucking bronco! It was bound to happen sooner or later. I preach and preach, but you know how kids are. So, yep, Molly got tossed to the floor tonight. Poor thing. She wasn't hurt physically, thank goodness. But it scared her some. Of course when I knew she was OK, the preaching started again. "See, I told ya so, NOW will you listen to your mom?" It was sorta comical. Picture this... Molly on her knees in this chair ... see where this is going? She was rocking it like there was no tomorrow. Next thing she knew she was head first in the carpet, bouncing off Lindy shoulder on the way down. Her cheek was a little red, but only her pride was damaged.

This little rocker was mine when I was a child. When I got it out of storage for my girls to use my mom warned me about it. Apparently I didn't heed warning either. Imagine that!! The chair bares teeth marks that are 40+ (ouch) years old. Mom tells me it has seen rodeo riding before!

So far I have caught them sitting, standing and kneeling on the thing. And using it for a stepping stool is a must. Lindy sits in it mostly. Molly has a mushroom chair she uses. And it's thrown her too. I can see the future grade cards... "Molly will not sit still in class".


Lonna said...

Lily has my old rocker in her room, and it too is 40+ years old. It has little decals of like Bo-peep and maybe little boy blue? Either way there were on there, it was not something we added, and mine used to hold my Mrs. Beasley which is I still have around here somewhere. She is missing her arm, and her original clothes and her specktacles, but she still talks when you pull her string! She was my favorite doll growing up, she was always my good ol' standby.

Debbie said...

hehe That is funny!! I know Heidy won't get the sit still award either!!!