Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Happenings

Our Thanksgiving started on Wednesday by making pumpkin cookies. The girls helped me mix the batter. They enjoy helping in the kitchen especially when they can lick the spoons!

We shared our Thanksgiving meal with David's side of the family. It was pot luck style and very good. We all gathered at his Mom's house (20 in all). The weather was really nice and the kids spent a little time outside. That evening we visited our friend Mandy. (David's sister and her family are staying with her for the weekend) She fed us lasagna and, boy, it was good. Us girls played some cards. The kids were running around playing good when Faith came into the kitchen and announced "these spanish girls are driving me crazy". We all laughed, apparently she has friends in her kindergarten class that are of spanish decent. We headed home around 9PM, the girls were tuckered out. We had a extra kid with us. Cousin Faith (age 5) came to spend the night. They played some then it was bedtime. The night went well. They love playing together.

I started Friday out with early shopping. Yes, I left all three girls with David. But I was home by 10:00 or so. I got some good deals (yeah). The girls played well until Ellen came to get Faith after lunch.

We have been planning for a couple of weeks to go to the circus. My parents bought us the tickets and decided to go to the 2PM show on Saturday. The kids were so excited. Molly has been a few times but this was Lindy's first time. When the elephants came out Molly said to me "I smell elephant poop" (they did stink) We had a good time. I asked Lindy what her favorite thing was, her answer was "too much stuff!"

Sunday we headed to Church then saw Ellen off after lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing.

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