Monday, December 8, 2008

Supper With Santa

This afternoon the girls and I went to the our bank. Our dear friend Mindy made the girls these sweatshirts for Christmas last year. But they didn't get a chance to wear them (and they were too big then). Aren't they too cute. (appliqued snowmen, I love em) So today we dressed up and went to see her. They also have a gorgeous tree in the lobby.

Santa's little house is right across the street. As we were leaving the bank he was arriving to greet little ones there. So away we went to see him. The girls sat on his lap and told him they wanted "roses for my mommy" for Christmas. Now, ain't that the sweetest thing!! Don't I have the best kids ever!

The girls were so excited because tonight was Supper With Santa at school. They had the gym all fixed up with craft areas and cookie decorating. We saw a line starting for Santa, so we got in it. There were about 10 people before us. Santa finally made it to his chair. The next thing I knew Molly took off running.... to the front of the line .... right on his lap! And there was no getting her off!! So they just had Lindy cut to the front too! (Sorry no photo, it was blurry) I apologized to those in line as we left, but they were all laughing. I guess it's safe to say that Molly is rather fond of Santa this year. Santa had a helper this year, Elf Mary. (Miss Mary is the class helper) She looked so cute in her outfit and she loves doing it too.

The girls had a really good time tonight. Then on the way home Molly said "hey daddy, did you know that Santa has a red truck?" (the Santa across from the bank was driving a red truck) I guess she is still to young to realize his is suppose to drive a sleigh. :)

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