Friday, December 5, 2008

Chistmas 2008

Christmas 2008
A few weeks ago we were going to be at the mall, so I thought it would be a good time to have their photo made with Santa. We got there when he was out to lunch, so we waited around until he came back. Lindy & Molly were having fun looking at all the decorations. Lindy had no clue who Santa was, but she said she would sit on his lap. (we'll see) Well, I could hear him coming down the mall, he was jingling his bells like mad. Of course, I was saying "oh here he comes!" trying to make it fun. I looked down to find Lindy tearing up and whimpering about the bells and all. "Oh no", I thought. She watched a few other boys take a turn on his lap before it was her turn. Well I could tell she was not up for it. But remember, she will do anything Molly does. So she let me sit her up there on his lap, but she looked kinda frightened. (no tears though) She did really well. There weren't many in line, so he talked to them some. When he asked what they wanted for Christmas, Molly said "candy" so of course that's what Lindy said too. (Anything to get off his lap!!) He gave them reindeer hats and stickers, right up Molly's alley for sure. While I was getting the photo, Lindy said to my Mom, "I no like Santa!" I think the photo turned out really well.
The girls are enjoying all the Christmas TV programs. Their favorite is The Grinch. I am ready (not really) for some snow. Molly wants to make a snowman this year. That should make some good pictures.

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