Saturday, December 13, 2008


All dolled up for Church. Molly & Lindy love to get dressed up. Lindy calls herself a "pincess" and I have to agree, don't you? Today she stated "I'm koot"... (think she's heard that a few times?)
Lindy is still having "accidents" at night. I try to get her up to go potty, but sometimes she beats me! I worry about it in this cold weather because she doesn't wake up. I guess she doesn't mind being soaked. Anyway, yesterday morning her Daddy said to her "Lindy are we going to have to put diapers on you again?" To which she loudly replied "I not a baby!" It was pretty funny. So I think she would protest to a pull up. So I guess I will continue to change wet clothes and sheets! (I say this lovingly now, but admit to grumbling at 2AM)


Leslie said...

Thanks for your post! Your girls are absolutely "koot"! I am in awe of anyone who can do cake decorating. One time, I made a Thomas cake and let's just say that it was unique! :) Jonah thought it was the greatest just b/c I made it. :) Leslie

Laney - Chris said...

Your girls are just adorable!!! I love reading your stories. Hope to get together after all the holiday craziness dies down.

Merry Christmas