Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lindy's Forever Family Day-One Year

One year ago today we began our day in Beijing China, flying south to Hefei City. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon we boarded a van to go to the civil affairs office there in the city. It was a 15 minute ride through the worst traffic I have ever seen (I though Beijing was bad). Finally we arrived and were taken to a room to wait. Within a few minutes they brought in this big ball of a child! All we could see was her beat red face (not doubt from being to warm) that wore a scared expression. Her nanny spoke to her, pointing to me and saying "momma". Lindy began to whimper. I decided to just taker her and that's when the wailing began with screams of "no" (only in Chinese). I hand her back to nanny, Lindy calms down some, nanny talking to Lindy saying "momma". With a forces voice little Lindy repeats "momma" and I melt right there. David's turn, same results, only she says "baba" (that daddy in Chinese). We are trying not to cry. And poor Molly is kinda lost in the shuffle. Finally she is standing in a chair next to us with her Ling doll trying to comfort Lindy. (isn't that the sweetest) We sign a few papers and are led back to the van. And that is the beginning of our family of four.

Be bedtime she was more relaxed (as we were) but still pretty frightened. She rested quietly all night and woke up good the next morning. She was very soft spoken and loved to eat. You could tell she like her cloths and shoes we had for her and enjoyed toys.

I find it hard to believe it has been a year already. I find it hard to remember life without her in it. She has grown physically and mentally this year. She is NOT soft spoken anymore! A very fun loving kid. She is a perfect fit to our family. Many families that adopt say this, "couldn't be a better fit". Well I believe it is God work, His plan. For only God could know exactly what we needed and what Lindy needed as well. We have Him to thank, and believe me I always will!!



Nancy said...

I have been following your blog since you first got Lindy, and I must say she sure has blossomed this past year. Your girls are absolutely adorable.


Mom Of Many said...

Hi Sherry,
I was stopping by to thank you for joining the friends at A Place Called Simplicity and when I opened your blog I said, "I know you! I followed your journey to Lindy." Sweet!! Your girls are precious! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!
Love from Colorado,

Tana Sue Hargett said...

Sherry....It is very hard to believe that a year has gone by with Lindy. It seems just like yesterday that we all was at the airport when you came home with Molly. Then we did it all over again with Lindy. These 2 little girls have the greatest gift of parents that they could ever have asked for. You can look at Molly and Lindy and see how happy they
are. I miss not talking to you everyday at work but you have the best job in the world now.

Love you all, Tana Sue

Lonna said...

I cannot believe it has been a year!!! Your picture for this post really does say it all, she looks scared and not happy to be handed to strangers. But she is an amazing little girl, and I just melt when I see her. Your girls are both so beautiful and so full of life and love. They really did come home to the right people! You know it weird, but I don't even think of it being such a journey anymore, originally it was China the other side of the world, China, like the Moon, now it is just China.
You are so blessed and so are they to have such wonderful parents love and protect them. What a wonderful Christmas for your whole family!!! Love Lonna