Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our week

This week we visited Mamaw & Papaw. Cousins Daniel and Colin were there too. So we got a new picture for Papaw's photo cap. The girls stayed while mom and I went shopping. I think the four of them had fun, papaw was a little tired though. The kids are out of school for Christmas break. And David is on vacation too. So we have been off schedule all week. I have been baking cookies, making candy, and wrapping gifts. The weather has been nasty so we have been stuck in the house so it's been rough! It looks like a tornado has been through here. Right now the girls are pretending the table is a bridge and acting out the book "Three Billy Goats Gruff". It is cute. Molly thinks she is having a good hair day!!

Lindy making a funny face. This child has a long tongue!!

Check this out. Lindy let me put curlers in her hair. I think I could have done as well with a curling iron.

Lindy had her little play vacuum out the other day. She was was running it around the table. Eventually getting upset that the crumbs on the floor just would not suck up in the vacuum! I would get the real one out for her to use but she would only run to get on the couch! I don't think she's really afraid of the vac, just thinks it's a game to play.

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