Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put-Put's Retirement

She's been a good one. We bought this car in 1992, it was ten years old and had 100,000 mile on it. We drove it to Gatlinburg on our honeymoon in 1992. I forget how many miles we drove then, but I remember we only spent $42 on gas. We drove all through the mountains and then up to Cincinnati to a ball game. ALOT OF DRIVING!

Well she had been showing her age now for a few years. (ok a lot of years) The girls lovingly named her "put-put car". They liked riding along with their daddy with the breeze blowing in (no air conditioner). Anyway, David knew the car was driving "strange" and when he checked it out he discovered the back wheel is about to fall off. That's right, almost rusted through! I wouldn't know why, every time you shut the door rust would fall off of it. :)

The insurance was due today, but we decided to retire "put-put". Those of you who know my husband, well then you know how hard this is for him to do. (Dave, get rid of anything? come on... check out the coat) You would think we were talking about his arm! (just kidding)... well maybe not! He gets that attached! I think he was thinking the girls could take it when they learn to drive! (ain't he funny) The sad thing is... the car still runs pretty good. But as we say... "she's tired".

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