Friday, September 11, 2009

Dentist Time

Lindy is getting her teeth cleaned. She chose chocolate toothpaste! YUCK!

Molly is ready too. She wants bubblegum flavor.

Bad news is that Miss Lindy has two cavities!
Xrays for her.

A few days later we are back to fix the cavity. She did great. Here they are giving her gas. She too interested in the tv on the ceiling.

Then they hook up the nemo game.

She didn't even know she was getting a shot! She did so good. The only thing she didn't like while in the chair was the clamp thing they were using to hold her mouth open. So they took it out. Later in the day she talked about her mouth feeling funny. I'm sure it was tingling from the numbness wearing off.
My mom had went with us. After the dentist we went to lunch. She was able to eat french fries and a grilled cheese. Next month we will do it again.

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Chasity said...

Awww, what a brave girl. I pray each time we visit our pediatric dentist that we will not have any cavaties. I hope her mouth was good after the numbness went away. Very proud of how brave she was. Good Job Lindy!