Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Golden Dragon Acrobats

The Golden Acrobats Show did a performance at the college in town. Of course we went. We want to show our girls their heritage and traditions as much as we can. Acrobats are very popular in China. This show consisted of 21 young artist from Cangzhou & Hebei provinces in China. It is an art that is taken seriously and the talent is great. We had the pleasure of seeing an acrobat show on each trip to China. They are truly amazing. It is unreal what these people can do. Lots of training and skills is needed.

Mamaw & Papaw came to see the show. Papaw even wore his Chinese shirt that read "grandpa".

The girls love to dress in their authentic Chinese dresses.

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Donna also came to see the show.

Mommy & her china dolls!

Grandma Rafferty also came. We are so blessed that our family shares our interest in the Chinese culture.

The picture aren't too good because I couldn't use a flash. The performers looked young. Molly loved the outfits. Lindy has decided that she wants to "do dat" when she gets bigger. Molly clapped for each act. Lindy's eyes didn't leave the stage, her head looked like a ping pong game!


Chasity said...

It looks like the amazing show we were able to see in China. I was in ahhh the entire time. What a wonderful family to support your girls, they will grow to be so very proud of their culture. God Bless!

p.s. the girls hair is getting so long. I love the new picture of them on your page.

Tana Sue Hargett said...

The pictures make me just say wow. I can't imagine seeing it in person. Glad that your family all got to enjoy it with the girls. I loved your dads t-shirt.