Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Picnic With Family

Several years ago David's family started having a picnic at Beall Woods. We had a great time this year. The weather was GREAT! Food was GOOD and the company even BETTER!

brother in law Chris, nieces Tricia (14) and Grace (15)

David and his brother Doug

Monkey... I mean Joe (9)

Other monkey..... or Patrick (11)

nephew Hunter (10)

also known as the touchdown king

nephew Jack (13) and niece Faith (6)

Grace is teaching the little girls a new game. They were having a blast.

niece Hallie Lynn.
(she's going to be a big sister by Christmas)

Faith, just hangin around

nephew John (12) and BIL Mike

Luke, our nephew. Hard to believe he is now a college boy.

David's brother Johnny & his wife Pam

David's sister's Cindy & Lynn.
Kate, our niece is in the green

We had a great time today. Faith came home with us and even stayed all night. The girls slept on a pallet I made for them on the floor in their room. They really love playing together.

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