Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aspiring Artists

Molly loves everything about art. Lindy likes it, but Molly LOVES it!! She will spend hours doodling, cutting, taping, and glueing. We have millions of crayons and markers around this house. I even find them in their bed sometimes!!
I surprised them with a package of paints and paint brushes the other day. Mamaw had bought them some huge color pages so we broke out the paints.
(notice the neighbors yard! They have moved out and are not mowing the place. nice huh)

Lindy likes to paint every inch of the paper!

Molly wants to add special effects to her pages. Like polka dots and such.

They did a great job. Molly insists that she is going to be a artist when she grows up. I wouldn't doubt it either. I tell her that she can paint pictures and people will buy them to hang in their homes. She tells me that I can have her first painting and I don't have to pay!! I'm gonna hold her to that!

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