Monday, May 31, 2010

Gymnatstic Spring Performance

Molly & Lindy have been in gymnastics since August of last year. Their last class was a Spring Performance. They got to show off all they have learned for their family. The best yet is each kid got a certificate and trophy. Lindy was excited.

Because if you remember she was not happy with JUST a ribbon for the cartwheelathon that they participated in last December.
So, she was looking forward to this day...

Warming up for the show

Molly during her routine.

Lindy grabbed her trophy so fast it was a blur!! :)

Really she loved it!

Grandma & Daddy were able to come.

So was Mamaw, Colin, Daniel & Aunt Donna.

They are going to miss gymnastics. They both did a great job.
Thank you Mamaw & Papaw!!!!

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