Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun Under Th Big Top!

The circus came to town last Friday. The preschool class met that morning to watch the elephant raise the big top! The girls were very excited about this.

Some of their class mates.
Erica, Lindy. Maddie, Molly & Ashley

Checking out the elephants while we waited.

We finally went inside the tent where the elephant pulled the poles of the tent up.

Then the class went to the park for play time and a picnic.

Lindy can climb up all by herself now.

Molly can spend all day on this thing, if you'll push!!

Then we headed to the circus
Of course we had to ride some ponies!!
Lindy was on "David"

And Molly was on "Harry"
They really enjoyed the ponies.

Then they rode on the camel.
Lindy said "they stinkeded"!
And she was worried that they don't brush their teeth!!

We were able to get good seats.
Lindy loved the show. I don't think she took her eyes off the ring!!

The elephants were really big for a small circus.
Molly decided that if she "stands behind the elephant that it would poop on her head"

We had a good time. We ended he night with a happy meal!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally had time to "catch up" with your blog. Hoping to see you guys again this you know anything about FTIA picnic this year?