Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swim Party

One last pre school birthday party
for this year. I am so sad that
my girls are growing up. I know it is a fact of life
but nevertheless I am sad.
Just this morning Lindy complained
about her teeth hurting. After looking her
over, I discover that her two lower front teeth
are slightly loose. Oh my!! Yet another
reason to sigh!! This summer
will fly by and come August I will no longer
have my kids at home. They will be
full time students.
(a deep breath & a big sigh)

Maddie had a swim party. Molly is not as afraid of the water as much as she use to be. Thank goodness. They even ditched the rings at the party.

The birthday girl, Maddie.

See, they are so brave. Even jumping in!
Thanks, Mamaw, for the awesome swimsuits!

Lindy is a fish! You have to watch her like a hawk.
They had a great time.

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