Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Eye Exam's

So, for kindergarten the girls
have to have several exams. First up is the
eye doctor. I have learned
from the past that it is sometimes better
to take the girls separately to the doctor.
You see, they squabble over who will gets to go
first. then when it is time to actually GO first
they decide that neither wants to go first.
Since the eye doc was here in town
I had appointments for each of them.
Molly went first last Friday.
Lindy stayed home with daddy.
You would have thought we were going to
be gone a week the way they acted.
Lots of hugging & kissing between them.
(way too cute)
And Molly even got a picture of herself
for Lindy to hold while we were gone.
(even cuter)
Lindy followed us to the car for one last hug.
On the way there Molly said she was going first so
she could tell Lindy all about it.
"So she won't be scared mom"
(gotta love that one)
She enjoyed the toys in the waiting room
until it was her turn.

She did really well here.

But here is where the exam went south!
Yep, she couldn't see out her left eye too well.
I think it was her left eye!!
Could have been her right... I was so floored
that she wasn't seeing to good that I
could have that wrong.

With some adjusting she could see
well out of this thing.
"Nothing that a pair of glasses won't fix"
I had no clue that she would need glasses!
She pick out a cute pair
of pink Disney frames.
That evening I heard the girls
talking about the glasses. Molly
was asking God to
"let Lindy get glasses too"
Still waiting for them to get in.

Today was Lindy's turn.
Again we went through the hugging & kissing.
And the photo deal.
But she didn't play to much with the toys
that Molly thought was awesome.

Here we go.
I think I was more nervous that she was!
She did good with this test.

She liked the
"elevator chair"
And I was very pleased that she
was passing the test very well.

Doc:"look at the airplane on the wall"
as he examined her eye with a flashlight,
moving across her eye.
Lindy: "awe, I can't see the airplane cause you are in the way"
So, she passed!
I told her she didn't need glasses
cause the dentist has already called
dibs on her mouth!!

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