Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pre-K Is History!

August 2009
1st day of Pre-K.

May 25, 2010
Last regular day of Pre-K.
I was so sad this day. My babies are growing up and I can't stop it!!
I'm very proud of the accomplishments these two have done while attending pre school.
I think they will do well in kindergarten.
On Wednesday the 26th, the Pre-K classes had a "beach day" for the very last day of school.
So we lathered on the sunscreen and away we went. Of course I founds a chair in the shade most of the time.

Mostly they just wanted to play in the sprinkler.
The school treated the families with pizza.

Playing in the rocks with Aryli.

Saying goodbye to their teacher.
Miss Tammy & Miss Ginny.
(Miss Mary was sick)

So, now we are getting all their physical appointments made for kindergarten.
Lindy is worried that she will need a shot.
They will see a dentist, eye doctor and their pediatrician.
Lots to do before August.


Anonymous said...

I still love your blog. The photos are priceless. My how they have grown since the start of Pre-K. Also, your surprise day-trip brings back so many memories of my childhood (we would do similar trips). I hope to become more adventurous with our girls!!!
Hope to catch up sometime this summer.

Lacy said...

Aww Sherry.... The girls are getting so big. Katie will be starting Kindy in the fall too. I, like you, will need lots of tissues. FWIW- I was the only mother crying at registration. LOL! I hate that they have to grow up so fast:(