Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Does this look like a potty to you????
Well it did to Molly a few nights ago.
The girls had been asleep a few hours and I was in the back of the house when I heard one of them walk through the hallway (the bathroom is in the hall).
I go to check... no kid in there.. where did she go???
I look in the dark living room and see a head moving in there.
"Molly what are you doing?"
Just as I said it I knew what she was doing!!!
She had her jammies down and she was sitting on the blankets and pillows!!
As I hurry in there I can hear pee hitting the floor!!
I pull her off...
"Molly!! You're not in the bathroom!"
"Sorry" she replies in a very sleepy voice.
(Of course I'm worried about the basket she is peeing all over. Luckily it was protected by the blankets)
I couldn't stop laughing even as I cleaned up the mess and all the next day when I had a mountain of laundry to wash.
She didn't even remember it the next morning.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post! Can you remember how boring life was pre-kids? I always tell my daughter things were pretty boring around here before she came.

Lisa V