Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Holiday 2010

David actually got to take the Holiday off as scheduled. He has been working such long hours lately. We really was looking forward to him being home.
Friday evening we told the girls we were going on a adventure on Saturday. They were almost too excited to go to bed. After a lot of questions I told them we were going to Cave In Rock. Well they had no clue and wanted to know all about it. I told them it was a surprise and they could just think about it. So Molly decided that she needed to think like a rock!!
So after cake deliveries were done the next morning we set out on our adventure. Of course we had the typical questions like"is it long" from Lindy.
As we got closer to the hills Molly would comment about the "beautiful view".
We started our day eating at the Fish House Restaurant in Elizabethtown. We love this place. The best fish ever! Then we headed to Cave In Rock. The girls fell asleep on the way there. I wondered what sort of mood they'd be in when we woke them.

But they were ready and excited to see what the big fuss was about. It was a beautiful day. Just a tad hot for me, but we sat out walking around the park. We made our way down toward the river and the girls were loving all the rocks and steps along the bank.

They were anxious to walk into the cave. It was slippery so Dave took them in where you can look up and see the light. They really liked the cave.

Sitting along the rocks.

I love this picture.

Then we headed to Pounds Hollow.
I remember going here when I was a kid not much older than they are.
There is a beach area and several picnic places.

It being such a hot day I thought we could wade in the water to cool off.

The girls would have loved to build a sand castle. But I didn't want them in the sand.

But they had a great time looking for "she shells"

Good thing I had a change of clothes int he car. Next time we will pack a swimsuit!

It was a really good drive. We are hoping for another
adventure real soon.
On Monday my family fixed fish at my parents house.
Dave took a few bikes to putter around on. I can't believe my dad rode one.

Molly & Lindy loved helping with the fish.

Mamaw & Molly

Papaw & Lindy

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