Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bag Ladies, Beauties & Makeovers

Bag ladies! Don't ya love the newest style!

Ready for Church in their "bootiful dresses"

Molly asked for "pew-fume" before church! Because she wanted "to smell good".

This one bats her eyes when you tell her she's pretty!

"Mom can I have some lick-lish"?

Asleep at 7PM!

This is how I found Lindy!

Molly & Lindy insisted that I needed a makeover! Well, yes I do but.....

I don't think this is it! I sorta look like I'm ready for a Red Hat Club meeting!
Oh, they were so proud of the job they did!

Then they did each other.


Chasity said...

They did a beutiful job....I do think you need your Red just look so beautiful!

Laney - Chris said...

I love all the pictures. You guys just have fun all the time!!! What girly-girls!

Debbie said...

I think you look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!