Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week In Review

It has been a crazy busy week.
The girls & I made a daily trip to Princeton for VBS at St. Joe. I helped out with the kindergarten class. We all had a great time.

VBS at St. Joe.

I recently tried a new cookie. I found the recipe and made them. They are called Peanut butter no bakes. And they are sooo yummy!

I have also been busy baking a wedding cake. So while the oven was on I made home made granola bars. My hubby loves them.

And finally here is the wedding cake. It was a billiards themed reception. They did a great job setting up the hall. As I decorated these cakes I wondered what the guests would look like after eating some of the black cake! Not great I bet!

Anyway, that has been our week. Oh, one afternoon I took them to the city pool. They loved it, momma did not! :) The water was freezing. But as long as the girls liked it then mommas happy. And one other day Hallie was here for a few hours. All three of them swam for a while and then played house. They play so well together. I even heard Hallie telling the girls that they were "her bestest friends in the whole wide world". So sweet.

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