Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PCC Sportscamp 2009

Last Sunday the girls began their second Vacation Bible School this summer. The Parkview Christian Church in town has a sports themed VBS each year. The girls went last year and did cheerleading. This year I let them pick and they chose soccer. They were both very excited about it. I had to get them each a ball and soccer socks. I had bought shin guards last year sometime.

So on Sunday they were eager to get the equipment on and get going. It was funny. I explained what the shin guards were for. They thought this was funny. After I got the guards on, they ran to their dad saying... "dad, hit me (pointing to their legs and after he did).... ha ha, didn't hurt!"

I stuck around at the church most of the week. Mostly visiting with friends. On Tuesday I took my camera out to the field to get some photos. Humm... my camera wouldn't work. I mean it was dead! Then I remembered that it fell off the desk at home a few days ago. Oh boy!

So, I called my mom and asked if I could borrow the camera they had. I'm planning to get a new one in a few weeks. So, thanks mom & dad for letting me use the camera. I was having withdrawal symptoms from not taking pictures of my cuties!

So, on the final day I was able to get some pictures of the girls in action.

They seemed to like soccer.

It was fun watching all the little ones. There was over 200 kids registered for the sports came this year.

Now a few days to rest before the next VBS. Next week we go to St. Joe everyday. I am helping with the crafts! (I'm tired already)


Gina Kay said...

I'm so glad the girls had fun! I forgot to tell you that one night Molly was sitting beside me and was singing one of the songs while Trish was giving the lesson. It was so cute--I couldn't tell her to quit singing.

Chasity said...

Oh, my goodness they are the cutest little soccer players. I can't wait for Jie to get to play.