Sunday, April 19, 2009

AOK Kid Carnival

Yesterday we took the kids to the Kid Carnival at the 4H center. It is sponsored by several organizations in town and completely free to the public. Each year it gets better. The girls were looking forward to going and were up early and wanting to go asap! But it didn't begin until 11:00 and daddy needed to take a short nap since he worked the night before.
There was so much to do and see, it was hard getting around to everything. The weather was perfect.
This year "The Cat In The Hat" (aka Miss Mary from School) was there. They received a new book from the cat!

There were three bounce houses/slides for the kids to play on. This was one of the favorite of the day.

A medical helicopter was there too. The kids were fascinated as they watched it land in the field. They each got to sit in the seat and received a sticker.

Then it was on to the train! Lindy loved riding in it.

Molly too!

There was face painting!

And games with prizes!

A bubble blowing paper project. This was pretty cool!

The Masonic Lodge from West Salem sponsored DNA test kits for kids. Momma liked this best of all. I pray it will never be used, but it is good to have. They collected fingerprints, spit on a Q-tip, height & weight and even a interview of each kid, which was put onto a CD. I was pretty impressed. And they recommended for us to update it every year or so.

Pooped out! So was mommy & daddy!!

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Chasity said...

Oh how we LOVE Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss is our Favorite. That looks like so much fun. The bubble blowing is amazing, the Teletubbies used to do it on one episode that Trayjan liked, we tried it and it is a wonderful art project. I love the butterfly on Molly's cute!