Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week Of The Young Child

This week has been "the week of the young child" in our town. So each day at school they girls had special themes for the day. Like, Monday was favorite t-shirt day (sorry no picture).

Tuesday was crazy hat day. The girls got these hats from Aunt Donna for Christmas. They were perfect!

Wednesday was crazy hair day. We went wild.

Daddy even got in on the fun! He takes them to school every morning and he wanted crazy hair too.

Thursday was crazy sock day.

I fixed them up some faces and bells!
A field trip planned for tomorrow. They are looking forward to it because they get to take a lunch!


Lacy said...

What a daddy will not do for his girls. That picture is priceless! Very cool socks too.

Laney - Chris said...

How cute! Looks like the girls enjoyed their special week at school.

Chasity said...

Oh, how much fun. I love the Crazy hair...daddy is a real trooper, they all looked Beautiful. The hats and socks were way to cute. Great Ideas!