Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The girls woke to find that the Easter Bunny had left a trail of eggs from the back door all the way to their baskets. Molly decided that he must have been in a hurry. And they were amazed that he knew that they loved "Tom & Jerry" & tootsie rolls!
After several pieces of candy we all got ready for church. Molly & Lindy were all decked out in their new dresses.

We were able to get a nice picture in front of the Easter flowers after church.
Then we drove to my parents house. We had a great Easter lunch/dinner with my family. My sister & her family were there too.

Then it was time for the big Easter egg hunt!

Lindy & Molly really enjoyed this part of the day!

Colin, Molly, Daniel & Lindy

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Chasity said...

They looked so sweet in their little matching dresses! Sounds like they really enjoyed themselves.