Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

First thing this morning Molly & Lindy started giving birthday spanks. They thought this was very funny, chasing their dad around the house swatting his behind!
It was so sweet hearing their little voices wishing their daddy happy birthday all day.

David had seen these pogo sticks in a magazine and had been wanting them forever. He saw that they went half price so he decided to use his birthday money to get him and the kids one.
They came yesterday. So he got busy assembling them. As you can see he had plenty of help.

They are called MotoStix.

I do believe it will be some time before they can get some use of them!

They were having a ball trying to get it to jump.

We ate Mexican for supper. Grandma joined us at the restaurant & then came home to eat brownies. The girls sang to their dad.

Then he blew out the candles.

1 comment:

Lacy said...

What a sweet birthday for your dear husband. What a cute story about the birthday spanks!!!

My older 3 kids now want pogo sticks:) And Justin added if I could find him some stilts that would be great. They look really fun. The girls will be using them before you know it.

I have to agree with you... We are the luckiest momma's in the world. These kids of ours are to cute for words. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your spring break. We are not getting on this year. At the rate we are going with school they may be in elementary school for the rest of their lives:)

Oh...the chocolate ice cream was soooo good. I have strawberry working now.