Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Our Spring break is passing fast already. Today the girls and I went to my parents house for a visit. The girls always have such fun at Mamaw's and Papaws house. The weather today was rainy so we had to stay indoors. Mamaw always has plenty to do. She had gotten them each a stuff a bear kit for Christmas. We thought today would be a good day to tackle the project. They couldn't wait!

Mom & I sewed the bears together and then Molly & Lindy began to stuff them.

They had a good time doing this.

Of course we had to help them some.

And we had to play too! Here's Molly pretending to have shampoo in her hair.

And Lindy is Santa Claus. "Ho Ho Ho"

Showing off their stuffed masterpieces!

The finished results!
The even came with birth certificates. Molly named hers "Pinkie Dinky Dew" and Lindy named hers "Hayley Ann".
Thank you for a fun day Mamaw!! We LOVE our bears. Who needs to go to Build A Bear when you can just go to Mamaw's house!!


Lacy said...

Those bears are adorable. I am sure the girls will treasure them forever. And the memories they will share of making them with mommy and grandma are priceless.

You so many cute craft things with your kids. While I love to do crafts I hate the mess and rarely do them with the kids. It is something I need to work on. Or I can just send them to your house for craft time:) Leanne and Cameron both picked craft books at the library today. I think it was a hint.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see videos of the pogo sticks in action. I think I'd put helmets on our girls and wrap them in bubble wrap first. ;) You really know how to keep the girls busy. It is a full time job finding things to do here.